Tuesday, October 9, 2007

solid poetry

Both the name and technology of this product have been useful in describing how a more technologically rich landscape can also be a more imaginative, dynamic, and fantastic place.

Frederik Molenschot and Susanne Happle "solid poetry" is a concrete that reveals graphic patterns when wet; revealing itself during rain or errant irrigation. The naturalistic patterns that are instantly revealed suggest a more immediate connection between rain and life, if only graphical.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Mention in Metropolis

From Metropolis's September 07 Bookshelf:

"Knowledge of material technologies has become an essential part of any architecture practice, and landscape architecture is certainly no exception. The authors of this richly informative book selected 36 case studies to illustrate conceptual and technical ideas at a range of scales. The chapter titles are impressive: “Water-Cleansing Biotope,” “Fiber Optic Marsh,” “Hedge-Trimming Armature.” In the back, an illustrated guide to 23 products and technologies help make this a practical reference for landscape architects as well a source of gee-whiz inspiration."

Thank you Metropolis. (One correction: these are not the chapter titles, but rather the titles of various projects.)